and a new earth .

Nu vi lige var ved emnet vil jeg gerne dele den film, der indtil videre, har gjort størst indtryk på mig.
Hovedidéen kommer fra brugeren wirrow - der har lavet nogle helt fantastiske ting på siden.
   Jeg ser and a new earth cirka en gang om dagen, den minder mig om hvad der er vigtigt i denne verden og får mig til at ville udtrykke mig kreativt og få omverden til ikke at glemme de små herligheder.
Anyway, det blev måske lidt underligt - men følelsen er også ubeskrivelig, det skal opleves!

ladies and gentlemen
the world is much larger and stranger
than you have been led to believe
there are extraordinary things in your everyday lives
there are hidden treasures in familliar shadows
you've been kept shielded
shielded from the dangerous and untamable world
of the actual
we hand it all to you on a plate
packaged and pristine
the blandly mass-produced trinkets
the omnipresent corporate cafes
the unchallenging
that fills your screens and airwaves
we've anaesthetise you like Huxleyan Soma
with all the aroma
of neatness and control
whilest the disorder of you anarchic nature
has been pounding at your soul
we can never be like you
so we reduce you to simplicity
but you have sparks of divinity
you are married to infinity
we make you fear you imperfections but in fact
they are the diamonds of your being
and they will always offer unimaginable variations
you have forgotten how to dream because we have
remoted it from your language
but there are things inside you that are mysterious
and magical
and impossible to explain
and if anything cannot be rationally explained
then our machines will not compute
you are being watched, my friends
you are taxed ivestock
you are numbers on our screens
and you are seeking little other than
the peaceful parade of pictures on screens
the tranquil melody of corporate lullaby
this is an invitation
put down your newspapers
turn off your tvs
because there is a war being waged for you minds
and you're starting to feel scared
you're starting to forget just how free and powerful
you really are
deep inside you there is a roaring fire
that is not cooled by comfort or tamed by fear
a fire that burns in all things
a fire that can drag your fellow beings
out of stagnant waters
and re-imagine your world
with no leader or station
no grants from rich foundations
a world that is not made of atoms
but stories
a world that shifts it's shape with every passing
that intervenes
your daily routines
and the narcotic moments of creative bliss
the bizarre stomach flutterings
with the lovers you kiss
the complex structures you devise
and the endless nights
shooting stars into your eyes
there are trails of light in your collective dreams
there is sentience in your discarded machines
everything in this world is intoxicating
everything is on fire all the time
and you are bound only by the limits
of your imagination
everything else will follow
the world will follow
as above
so below
a new heaven
and a new earth

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